Did You Buy A Gun Today


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Just checked another one off the bucket list: a NIB Colt New Frontier in .44/40 with a 7 1/2” barrel.


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I am definitely replacing those grips though
I have always wanted a CZ - 75. To me they feel like a real hand gun, I guess its the weight.

They are very nice. I like the design.

Feel super in hand...total agreement. Low bore axis.

DA-SA wasn't bad in the model I've shot the most...which the 75B. The Shadow2 models are something special....but they are dang proud of 'em.
@HarryO45 as soon as I saw that first picture I knew what it was. I love my encore and it gets carried more than anything else I own. I'd love a 500 barrel for mine.
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Rose, it is hard to beat a 44 Mag. I have shot thousands of rounds of 44 magnums and I have to say I am as good with it as I am with any other of my hand guns. I have killed a good number of deer with my T.C. with 14 in. barrel.