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A very interesting handgun. I have not seen one of these yet, but I maybe interested in one myself. Something that ugly has to be good. Really, from what I know about Taurus they make good quality guns. I know they are not as high as Sig, Kimber, Colt and S & W but for the price I believe they are a very good value. I think this would be a good one to use in adverse conditions like I find myself in at times. I hate carrying a prized S & W for a ride on my dusty 4 wheeler rides or to the river where it is getting wet and sandy. The dust seems to be the worst, it gets in all the little cracks and takes a complete take down to clean. One of these Taurus revolvers, I wouldn't worry that much about. I'll have to check one out the next time I'm at the LGS.


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I think I’d limit myself to .38 +p in it.
It's also comes supplied with a second shorter grip than the one pictured for easier concealment, etc. I'll have to find a combo that I'm good with, but it will be used with magnum loads or it will have to find a new home.

I'll likely test it with some 158gr Hornady XTP's powered by H110/W296. I already have plenty of those loaded for my GP100 and Blackhawk.

I'll load some with faster burn rate powders. That will reduce the velocity, but should maintain enough of the added horsepower I'm looking for in a compact revolver.

Similar to Ruger Only .45 Colt loads, last year I loaded some .38 Special rounds using H110 and Lil Gun. I shot those from the GP100. I simply had to find out how well the modern .38 Special case would handle the extra pressure.(I also couldn't find any .357 brass at the time) The brass and the .357 chambered handguns all did fine, but it ain't something I recommend anyone try. I loaded and fired only a few pieces that I made sure were all used at the time. A few of those in a .38 Special chambered revolver would likely prove to be disastrous.

I bought this for magnum power, that's what it'll be.


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I tamed a load a bit using a 125 XTP with Longshot powder in the .357 mag for my snubby. Lost some velocity over H110, but also much less muzzle blast and recoil and still plenty good for self defense. Still a lot hotter than a 38spcl +P. Looks like 125 grain at 1107 fps in the 2" barrel was what the chronograph read. I used 9.2grains of long shot.

Seems like I tried CFEP but the velocity just wasn't there.

Only 500fps loss for 8" of barrel, not too bad me thinks. It was only about 130 FPS loss compared to H110 in the same gun.


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I went by Little River at lunch and put a few rounds through the .357 Taurus.

Surprisingly it really ain't that bad.

I shot several cylinders full double action @ 11 steps. I grouped about 2" below point of aim. All the groups were for me very respectable.

I loaded and fired one cylinder full single action and not only did my group significantly tighten up, the point of impact was dead on point of aim.

The D/A trigger pull is atrocious. It feels like it's about 20 lbs, but I'm not disappointed. I can likely lighten that up a bit. My double action shooting has really improved with practice. I'm obviously dipping the muzzle a bit shooting D/A, even though I don't really see it dry firing.

Despite the heavy double pull, the revolver is easily managed and plenty accurate for defensive purposes.

Overall, I've spent a lot more and been a lot less happy with a firearms performance. It's still awfully homely looking though...
Yep. I have been enjoying shooting my Glock G45 with Red Dot so much, I decided to get another. It was easier said than done.
I checked the two local and two online that give vets a Blue Label discount, Or give GSSF discounts and none in stock. I was on a list at a gun range and a gun shop if one came in. Have been searching on the computer two weeks also.
Finally went to the gun range in McDonough and they had a standard, non MOS in the counter so I said what the heck.
With Blue Label Pricing and a discount card you get punched any time you buy something, I got another $50 off so. $372 out the door.
I got it packaged up to send to Battle Werxs to have the slide milled for my Swamp Fox Justice Red Dot, Slide redone in Black Nitride and a cover to hide the cut if you want to remove the Red Dot and Tall CoWitness sights installed. So it will be $566 total.
Having one machines is actually better as the Red Dot rides closer to the slide with no need for added thickness of a mounting plate.
I did a little polishing and Tweaking but not much as the gen 5's are pretty dang good right out of the box.
I don't know when I will get it back.


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Yep, a Buckeye special 10mm / 38-40 showed up in the Ruger forum classifieds for a reasonable price. The package includes a set of Redding 38-40 dies. :bounce:

Now I will feel compelled to buy the 32 model next time one surfaces. facepalm:


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Yep, a Buckeye special 10mm / 38-40 showed up in the Ruger forum classifieds for a reasonable price. The package includes a set of Redding 38-40 dies. :bounce:

Now I will feel compelled to buy the 32 model next time one surfaces. facepalm:
Nice snag. Dang good price and I see you were quick on the draw by one minute. I was 3 minutes late seeing it. Thanks for taking one for the team😜
Placed my order for this one a few months ago. Picked it up from my FFL today.

Hoping to hit the range with it in the morning.

Hard chrome frame. The rest is black nitride. 20 lpi frontstrap checkering. Gold bead front sight, Heine ledge rear. Chambered in .38 Super.

I like the 1-piece mainspring housing/magwell. Rounded butt allows shirt to glide over and not snag. Blended in fairly smoothly. No complaints.

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Thank you gents.

I figured if I ever go into a new line of work.....such as becoming a pimp....I'll at least have a proper gat for the job. :cool:

The pimp vibe is strong in it. :ROFLMAO:
Dub going straight up gangsta on us......:rofl:

Skraight up pimpin'.

Keeping them tricks on point, yo.


Hey, the way things went at work this week :whip: .....I may need to keep my options open.