Did You Buy A Gun Today


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Mark, I carry a 938 a lot in the summer. SIG makes the best IWB holster I could find - I really like it. It was inexpensive, but nice. If I were to have any negative comments it would be on the ambi safety is not covered on the external side. I have never had a problem since the strong side is covered and holds the safety in the locked position View attachment 1102705 View attachment 1102706
Here’s what I ended up with. I have something similar for my P365 and really like it. I’m also going to look for a kydex style holster 1B4802E6-B241-4190-8B23-C074F953E8E7.jpeg


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I've bought a couple this week in prep for deer season.

6.5CM built by Whidden Gunworks. Built on a Rem 700 action. Putting a Zeiss V4 4-16X44 on it after not finding the Leupold VX5 that I wanted.

Older Browning BAR .30-06. I've been wanting one of these for a while and finally found one for the right price. Not the nicest I've seen but the stock is good and the bluing is decent. Will have it reblued or cerakoted after season. My dad and grandad always hunted with a semi-auto .30-06 (Remington 742) so I've always wanted one as well. On the search for a scope now. Whidden Creedmoor.PNG


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Beat me to it! Couldn't get them to post from my phone so I edited it with the laptop.
Did I see that 6.5 listed on ODT for some reason that gun looks like I've seen it before somewhere? Both are good looking quality rifles!


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Did I see that 6.5 listed on ODT for some reason that gun looks like I've seen it before somewhere? Both are good looking quality rifles!
It was. I have to give the photo creds to the prior owners on both. Hopefully this fall I'll have some more appropriate pics propped on top of life size targets.

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I thought I had seen it before. That is a good looking gun and if I remember right it was listed at a fair price. Congrats and I hope you break it in right!


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I paid for a Stoger 12 over-under Aug 26. Still waiting to pick up from store. Anyone here ordered and have their gun? Bass Pro on line.
I actually did buy a gun today....or at least finished paying off the layaway.

Hope the dealer will get it delivered to my FFL by next weekend. Sure would be nice to hit the range and run some rounds through it.

100% carry pistola.

Flavor is .45acp. Ya'll already can guess the platform.

Missed the weekend delivery but did arrive this afternoon.



Everything feels great. Looking forward to getting some rounds through it tomorrow morning.

The Snakeskin is mighty grippy. I was concerned about that….especially on a bobbed frame. Will see how it does under recoil, but initial impression is confidence inspiring.




Trigger is muy bueno. Mucho gusto.

Bright front sight really jumps out.


It is one of my bucket list guns.

Mighty grateful to for it. Planning to get it heated up tomorrow morning.
That does look pretty aggressive… I like it… my Ultra Raptor is similar but it is not as aggressive


I'm sorta into the punishment on frontstraps & mainspring housings. I have a few that are 20 lpi and honestly am wanting to give 15 lpi a try.

I figure carrying in Georgia heat & humidity often means less than great grip traction...especially if residual gun oil is present.