Did You Buy A Gun Today


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My LGS emailed me to let me know a 6 inch Python was in bound from his distributor and wanted to know if I wanted it. :rockon:

Tell them no and give me their number
It may soon be early Christmas present time for the kids.:giggle:

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I didn't buy one today but either tomorrow or Friday I'm going to Barrow's to buy my stepson a little 410 of some sort. He's 7 and shoots the 22's and .17 fine and wants to shoot a "heavy shotgun to knock down some birds" as he calls them so I'm going to find a little single shot 410 for the kid and go from there. It makes me get emotional seeing him interested in hunting and guns. The oldest step son couldn't really care less but the youngest one likes it. Anyway pictures to come in the next day or so.

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Ran up to Barrows and picked up a little rossi youth model 410 for my youngest step son. He's been saying he wanted to go shoot dove with me so he's probably going to shoot mostly with me helping. I probably wont even pick up my gun tomorrow. Of course his mama has to spoil her baby so he has all kinds of cool things to see when he gets home. He's shot other guns before but this is HIS first real gun.


No, but I've come up with an ingenious way to do so where the wife won't get mad. Have someone give you a scope for a present. (Done). Then tell wife you have scopes for all of your rifles (I only have two) and tell her it would be a shame and waste for the new scope to sit around and collect dust (Done). Wife is gradually coming around now to the new rifle I want.


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Found one of my grail revolvers today. It’s in rough shape. It’s definitely been loved. Makes me wonder why it was sold in the first place but glad it’s got a new home in my safe. I’m gonna call the S&W performance center tomorrow and see if they’ll go through and get it back like new.

It’s a 386SC “Mountain Lite”. 18oz, 3in L-frame, 7 rounds of full house 357!
When I went back to get the Sig p365 xl NRA edition, it was sold. A day later I found one on Gunbroker........it got here yesterday😎. I really think I‘m gonna like it! This version comes with 2-12 round mags and 1-15 round mag.
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