Did you Reload anything today?

Been on the road for about ten days, got back and loaded up some 223. Have five combos with four powders and two bullets (69, 75 BTHP) that shoot pretty good with a WOA barrel. Loaded 9 of each to see which can duplicate.

Close on my 7 RM, also got some more 6.5s and ‘06 to shoot before moving onto my smoke pole.

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Yep...only selling 1,000 to you every 7 days, too.

I suppose that is one way of rationing them out. I am not complaining as all that does is give me a headache.....they are there if we want them bad enough.

They also had LP & SPM in stock as well...1,000ct limit of each.

Brownell's has some powders as well.

Coming up dry on searches at Powder Valley.

These cats are still moving bulk tips:


Went ahead and ordered the #41's, website says I got the last brick. Know what they say about bird in hand.
Got out at daybreak, the 223W shootout went great. Looks like the 22.0 Benchmark load wins for the 69 grain bullets; Varget was the winner with the 75 grain bullets. I've been able to repeat the Benchmark load on a few trips so think I'll load the rest of those bullets with that combo and move on.

Also shot some loads for my 30-06... that one was a little messy - H4350 and 168 BTHP, 178 ELD-Ms... best groups were around 1 MOA, plenty over that. I had a couple loads that show promise so will have to give that one another whirl. Maybe try some other powder - any suggestions would be appreciated. It's a Savage 111, poor man model from about 10 years ago.

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I'm on my way to load some 223 & 22-250. I have been out of my ammunition manufacturing facility for some time now due to my fishing fever. Now that it has been cooled some and the temp outside is hitting close to the hundred mark its time to clean brass, punch primers, inspect brass and inventory components. Hopefully, I will have everything I need to load a couple of hundred cartridges.
Just got back onto 7RM after supper... the old brown mule (IMR 4350) is hard to unseat, but I’ve got to give the extreme powders another shot. Took a few years to come on H1000 and Retumbo. 71.7 grains sounds nuts for some reason. The 4831sc is holding its own too, gonna try that around the sweet spot.