Did you Reload anything today?

This was for his stock for hunting season. He has an order for more 300 Win Mag…. forgot how many but there are probably 200 + cases we didn’t load.’ I finished up the prep on the brass so it would be ready for him to load.
They all ways have the good stuff, but to far of a drive unless I am up that way for another reason.

That is what I use in mine. I use the SP Interlocks in 117gr and seat them to the cannalure and then a FCD. I get 2995fps and .26moa @ 100
I loaded 52.9, 53.5, 54.1, and 54.7 gr of H4831, got to imagine the SST is pretty close. I went to the cannelure too, very light crimp. Gonna try to get to the range tomorrow.