Did you shoot anything today ?

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Qualified at work, with the issued SIG P229 .357SIG. Probably the last time I’ll qual with it, as we’re going to Glocks the first part of the new year.
Staying with .357 Sig ??

Fired 30 rounds with the MKII-RMR today.

Covered the last 10 with a snuff can, for about a 25% improvement over yesterday.

Good time to quit...

You are getting that bad boy dialed in. Great shooting.
Found some normal priced Underwood hot stuff for the 10mm.

A 165gr Gold Dot running 1400...

Fired a few at 25 to see if I would need any sight adjustment, which I didn't.

They're HOT alright...
I checked zero on a ruger m77 30-06 to make sure nothing had changed, I'm going to tote it a few hunts and try to kill a doe with it since I'm bucked out.

I shot a little buck on the side of the road that had been hit about an hour or so earlier by the ambulance the other day. We couldn't find him when we came back by in the ambulance as he was off in the grass but I was able to see him in the daylight. I didn't figure he was dead but ranchhand bumpers don't give much. I shot him with my truck gun and called the guy that owns the property and told him and he said he'd take care of it.


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A little over 100 rounds through my stainless Taurus 1911 chambered in .38 Super. I've owned this pistol a while, maybe 12 or more years. I can't tell you when it was last shot.

I took it down, cleaned and lubed it up well a couple of days ago.

I already had 70 some odd various loads that I gathered up. I loaded first 25 then on up to 50 147gr Extreme plated hollow point atop 5.5gr of CFE Pistol.
Below is a pic of my last group of 7 with the new loads at 11 yds. My hands had gotten tired and I began pulling to the right. The 1911/38 Super combo is a fine pairing.

With my new glasses I can see the target much better, but the sights are fuzz balls I line up the best I can.

38Super Group.jpg
Actually I went fishing with some friends and was attacked by a band of wild dogs and had to shoot to save my life!
Actually I shot the Sheepdog IDPA Championship in Valdosta ga.
Had a good time and survived considering I am still recovering from pneumonia! 2020 IDPA Sheepdog boat jpeg.jpg


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I installed a red dot on a .308 Win that needed to be sighted in and decided to take my 20" A-Bolt .257 Roberts with me.

I took along some 150gr Hornady FMJ .308 loaded in Lake City brass many years ago. It doesn't group well with anything I've tried it in. After zero @ 50 yards I shot a little under a 4" 6 shot group ctc @ 100 with the red dot. Considering the load, I'm ok with it.

I know the little Bob hasn't been fired in about 8 years. I took some 100gr Nosler BT atop H4350 and 100gr Sierra PH atop a dose of RL15, both loaded 8+ years ago.

Using the H4350/Nosler combo the first two fired from the very cold clean barrel were dead on zero elevation and about 3 clicks to the left. The two holes were not touching, but very close.

I moved the elevation 8 clicks up, 3 clicks on the windage and sat the rifle aside. to let the barrel cool.

As we that handload often do, and to kill a little time for true cold barrel zero I went to the pistol range on the chance there would be a little brass. The A-Bolt barrel cooled as I picked up more than 100 .45 ACP and likely twice that of 9mm brass.

Back to the .257.

257 zero.jpg

I set a new target. The wind was picking up and I was running out of daylight and cold as I'd left home with no jacket.

2" above POA, a bit left, but after all that walking, bending, and squatting down picking up brass that was likely human error or maybe wind gust. I let that be my only shot.

I'll get to the Sierra loads next time.

I had truly forgotten what a pleasure the .257 Roberts is to shoot.

Bob Range.jpg

Purchased new as a 2006 Grice Wholesale exclusive. 20" Hunter Grade A-Bolt, 2.5 X 8 Leupold in Talley rings/mount. It's a short action and the magazine does limit OAL as such.


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I have a few guns I shoot for fun, most are sited in at 50-100 yards. Today I took out a Savage 17 HMR and a Weatherby 22-250. I decided to try something a little different. I shot the 17 HMR at 150 yards and the 22-250 at 250 yards. Took me a couple of shots to get the 17 dialed in but it was a blast. Ended up shooting a box of 50 HMR rounds by the time I was done.


Was able to get out this morning to check the H&R survivor as the daughter used it this season to kill three deer. She told me she missed a coyote at 75 yards that last day. She told me there was something off. I found a golf ball at the range and placed it at a hundred yards. Smoked it first shot...... I was pleased it was only a case of song dog fever.


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I went to the gun range yesterday morning to check the zero on my 6 mm Rem and check a load I worked up for my 250 Savage.

I was not satisfied with the way my scope looked on the 6 mm so I remounted it last week. Seems I had a canter in the crosshairs so I remounted and leveled it up. When it comes to level you can't believe them lying eyes. Anyway, loaded up 10 rounds and headed to the range. I was surprised I only had to move it 2 clicks to the right to have it back on zero. I had been having problems shooting the past year or so and I have just brushed it off as and age thing, well it is, kind of. i rearranged my rest and reviewed my shooting technique. I couldn't believe I had gotten that bad. No wonder I could shoot. I knew it wasn't the rifle, it was me. Well Now I am back and shooting like a 40 year old.

Now for the good news. I have a Win. Mod. 70 in 250 Savage. I have had this rifle for over 30 years. Store bought ammo shoots fine, but reloads have been a bust. I have worn out brass trying to get a load that would shoot within an inch, No Luck. I did everything I could think of to make it work. I took the rifle apart and checked everything, changed stock and bolts, bought new scope and mounts and it still would shoot all over the paper. I finally gave up and put the rifle in the safe and forgot about it. Last week I ran across the 250 brass and thought, I have time now so let me get the rifle out and work on it. I went to my reloading library and starting looking for articles on the 250 Savage. I found an article from 1968 and it gave some loads. I picked one for the 87 gr. bullet and at 3,000 fps. I loaded up 10 rounds. Well, was I surprised when I fired the second shot and it touched the first one, at 50 yards. I fired another and it was on a quarter inch off. I adjusted 8 clicks right and fired again, the shot hit low left on the target dot. I then put the crosshairs on the 100 yard target and fired. Was i surprised when it hit center of one inch target dot. I fired 3 more rounds and they all hit the target dot. I was a happy rifleman.

Then I went to a Christmas Party with the Grand Boys. What a wonderful day.


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A few days ago I removed the stock on my A-Bolt .257.

The front swivel needed to be realigned to be securely tight while square. While I had it opened up I replaced the trigger tension spring with a
"Hunter" grade Ernie The Gunsmith aftermarket spring purchased about 10 years ago.

We all know B/A stock removal calls for zero verification!

Tuesday I took the carbine, a few rounds of the Nosler 100gr BT load I had last shot and the Sierra 100gr load that I didn't get to try on my previous outing. What I didn't bring was my better rest.

The A-Bolt's epoxy bedding paid dividends, it was still about 2.5" above and .5" left of POA.

After allowing the barrel to cool I put 3 of the 100gr Sierra PH downrange.

No surprise with the windage impact being significantly to the right of the Noslers. Elevation was only about an inch lower. The good news is the 3 rounds were in a nice cloverleaf.

The trigger pull was more of an improvement than I expected. It breaks very consistently @ just over 2.5 lbs. Little to no variation.

I've shot this little rifle more in the last month than I have since I first got it several years back. It's a downright pleasure to shoot!