Did you shoot anything today ?

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I cant decide if I want a dot on it or not, thinking about keeping it simple. It throws up well like a nice fitted shotgun and both my son and I were poppin cans at 25 yards no problem.


I made the mistake of shooting one.

Big mistake. :rofl:

It flung a cravin'. (y)(y)(y)(y)


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Ordered some more of the 33rd factory glock mags. S&P Outfitters has them for 32.99 with free shipping over 75 bucks. Cool little site. Mostly 10/22 stuff
Yes @Dub that is her...she comes in at 12.8#...a fat bottom gurl

All of these are 5 shot groups and she gets hot quick

She really liked the 38gr of H380 under 50gr Balistic Tips...I let one of the 5 get away from me. I think it is really good considering what all was going on. This ladder was in FC brass and all of it had the shoulders pushed back to -.002. After checking my Mo's Gauge with the Go-Gauge we used for the chamber it is off +.002. So all of those rounds had unnecessary headspace .004 and allowed the primers to back out. The Lab Radar was acting up as well and for some odd reason I neglected to write down the speeds it did show for the 50gr.

She absolutely loved the 60gr Ballistic Tip on the H380

36gr a little erratic but I got 2 in the same hole. These were all in Hornady brass and the shoulders were set at .000


36.5gr let one of those get away from me too...average speed of the ones it picked up 3271fps


These got a little hot during this sequence...didn't allow for enough cool down time. 2 of the 5 caught at the top of bolt lift just a tad and the case stretched .002. I am going to back this one down .2gr and load a string and play with seating depth maybe. These ran 3340fps.


we are already looking at 69gr loads to see if it will shoot them. H100V and Staball show velocities way over what these ran for the 69gr bullet. I don't think they will stabilize but with that much additional velocity they just might. Can't hurt to try 5 :cool:


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38.0 grains is how it got the name h380 in thshooting. With 52bthp i think.

Nice shootin.
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@Jester896 you are getting dialed in, bigtime.
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This day off didn't unfold as planned....had a plan....altered it repeatedly. Son had car trouble with his Jeep.....mighty grateful I was off work to lend a hand.

Jeep issue resolved. Other stuff handled.

Finally did make it to the range for a quick function check of a new prospective carry gun.

I'd found an old 18rd P226 mag so that gave me 63 rounds of Blazer aluminum cased 115gr. The other three are the factory P229 mags.

Gun had been taken outa the box, field stripped, wiped down and re-lubed liberally for break-in. The optic was factory installed.....and as I found out was NOT zeroed :rofl:

Ran the bad guy out 10rds.

Think he was still swinging when I went out from low ready and hit him center mass with DA pull and then 14 quick SA pulls.

Slide locked back on empty as expected.

Through my powered ear muffs I could hear laughter.......

Either the adjacent shooters were laughing.....or it was Mr. Paper Bad Guy.....laughing because he was pristine. Not a single hole in him.

15 rounds......all clean misses.

DANGITMAN. It's good to be consistent....but.....

So much for trusting and believing in the optic. :rofl: :rofl:

Tried the same thing for the next two mags....this time using the back up iron sights.

Third mag was a bit more difficult....when I went to reload I saw why.....the liberal lube job for break-in was about as problematic as anything liberal....Lesco Brandon, AOC, Pelucy, Omar......etc, etc.

Fourth mag remained. Bad Guy's chest was well ventilated already.

Figured I'd make a drill out of the situation:

* Optic is outa commission...whatcha gonna do

* Yer right hand is unable to hold gun....whatcha gonna do

* Gun has empty mag in it and needs a full

* Bad guy is about to do bad guy stuff and wearing body armor

Insert mag with left hand only

Slingshot slide using optic against the shelf AKA Aaron Cowan-style

Swipe decocker lever with left thumb

Left hand grip, right supporting....DA head shot with rest in SA....blurred iron sight image...bigtime blurred. The green front sight showed up. I have grown to really like this same type front sight on my P365.

Zero issues.....other than me not even giving the dot alignment a basic check at the house. Goofball.

Break-in lube was another self-imposed situation....and not the first time I've had this occur.

DA pull breaks at 10lbs. SA is 5lbs.

DA is a smooth sweep....no stacking. No complaints.

The SA is a clean break....firm wall....no sponge zone to drag through. Zero complaints.

The reset is very short and has a definitive "POP" once it occurs...you know it happened. Shouldn't be any short-stroking with this one.

I'll get the optic zero adjusted in the backyard tomorrow morning and then hopefully get back to the range and let her ride.

........And I'll wipe off the lube. It's not a tightly mated slide/frame fit like on some 1911's. It doesn't need all the goop I poured in there. Goofball.

Have one tightly fitted stainless 1911 gall on you....and it's a liberal break-in lube lesson for life. :rofl:
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Nice shooting and a good lookin pistola...but that Rip Stop NightForce hat really has my eye.

Thank you.

Good eye, too.
It's a great hat...super comfortable.

Got it a few months back,

It was part of a stellar deal......buy the hat and get a scope for free....or something like that.



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Swapped the scope on my Bergara HMR. Put a new Vortex Viper pst gen ii on her. Off to the range we go. I think I like this glass a whole lot better. Got her reserved and ready for the weekend. And need to work up some 175 grain loads.
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Swapped the scope on my Bergara HMR. Put a new Vortex Viper pst gen ii on her. Off to the range we go. I think I like this glass a whole lot better. Got her reserved and ready for the weekend. And need to work up some 175 grain loads.

Sounds good. (y)

3-15 or 5-25 ?

.308 SMK loads ?

I could tell from your avi picture that you are a wise hombre. Another wise fella sold me on the HMR, too. I think I'm gonna be very happy with it.
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@Dub 3-15. It’s a .308. Yeah that TRP 10mm is my baby. Sweet shooter.
@Jester896 ive got lots of varget so gonna try that. I’d like some 4064 but haven’t found any.
3-15 on the .308 Win sounds like a perfect match. (y)

Also a TRP in my avi pic, too. :cool:

It took me 6 months but I finally scored a jug of 4064.

I've not hear of anyone having luck finding Varget, though. You are in great shape there.

I'm also going to try some CFE 223 & Shooter's World powders for my .308 loads.