Did you shoot anything today ?


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I shot my new-to-me Marlin 25MN. 14rds off-hand at 25yds into a 2 inch circle. I wouldn't win any Olympic medals but I was happy enough for the first time out with it. I want to out it on the bench to see how well it shoots.


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Seven years and seven months after I last shot it, I took my FN manufactured Model 70 Featherweight chambered in 7X57 out to the range yesterday (Tuesday.)

I bought the rifle new in April of 2013. I had fired eight rounds through it right after I received it. At that time I loaded 140 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips with as of now unknown powder. My box labeling was damaged.

I took that same Remington brass neck sized it, seated eight vintage Vintage 139.jpg 139gr Hornady Spire Point atop 50grs of RL19 @ 3.115" OAL to see what I would find.

The the load was arbitrarily chosen. Never tried this combo before. My guess would be close to 2800 fps at the muzzle.

From a cold clean barrel at 100yds the first two are 4" low and under an inch ctr to ctr. Easy extraction and nice round edged Winchester primers.

I moved the elevation up 28 clicks, then back down 4 and fired a third shot. It came in at 2" above POA, exactly where it should have.

I was running out of light so I stopped for the day.

This combination shows promise. I'm pleased!

Yep, that's $5.18 for 100 139gr bullets and a 1941 Mercury Dime in the pic.



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Shot the 22 mag yesterday!
New cheap scope. A Hawke 3x9 !
It zeroed quick. Set it a tad high at 40ty yards. Looked dead on at about 80 yds.
Guess the varmit gun is ready.
The rifle is a cheap marlin. Stainless. Bolt action.
Function checked the Glock 44 with a pair of 18 rounders from ProMag...

They work fine, but they are a little ticky, and aggravating to load. PM shoulda made the slider tabs bigger, like Glock did.

18 Stingers would surely get more attention than 10, so the ProMags get a (y)


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Just got back for range and I feel a lot better. I have just about got my 6mm Rem back in spec. again. I think I just need to adjust seating depth. I have changed bullet weight from Sierra 85 gr. HPBT to Sierra 70 gr. Match King. Yesterday I took the rifle apart and checked all the screw tork and leveled up the action and scope. The first two shots were 4 inches to the left and 2 inches high. After adjusting the scope I fired 5 shots. Three of the shots made one hole and the other two ever left and right of the three. All five could be covered with a quarter. The three together were under a dime.


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I changed the zero on my 308 hunting rifle today. I zeroed it at 1 inch exactly above bullseye. Then I backed it up to 250 yards and shot. I was shooting 168 grn Barnes VOR-TX factory ammo. Very pleased with the results.