Diesel mechanic recommendation in the NW Georgia area.

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I am soliciting recommendations for a diesel mechanic in the Floyd, Bartow, Cherokee, Gordon, County areas. Our mechanic has subsequently moved to Savannah and I am hesitant to go to a Stealership if I can avoid it. I am currently not in a bad way and in need of a mechanic, but I want to have one waiting when the need arises.

Thank you in advance.


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Performance Diesel and Transmission in Marietta 770-548-9378. Retired Fireman that i worked with that from what i hear does good work. Have not had to use him as of yet myself.
Call Rapid Rotation in Marietta. Ask for Matt the owner. Best and most honest guy around. He services my diesel and has for years. He can send you to great diesel mechanics if it's more than he wants to work on. You won't regret it.