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I have a wineguard carryout 2.
I mounted mine to the roof and cannot get reception half the time. We like to go to the mountains and to state parks a good bit. Lots of trees in these places. I wish I had not mounted it to the roof and left it prtable so I could move around the cover of trees.

Otherwise, yes, I love having satellite on the road.


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traditional tripod and full sized residential dish, 100 ft of coax so I can sight in around trees.
I use a residential 2 channel DVR receiver too, just for when wifey comes with me, she can watch girly stuff on one tv, while I ignore her on the other.
With Dish Network, you can call them with the zip code in your camping area even in a different state, and they will re-aim your signal. Then you can watch your local evening news.


...just joking, seriously.
FWIW, the Dish Anywhere app I have gives me complete control and viewing of my home DVR anywhere there's a cell signal or good Wi-Fi.
My tablet is not much of a viewing screen, but I can watch my local stuff and everything on my DVR when I'm away.
This means I can watch my college football on Saturday evenings after the deer stand and on Sundays during midday.