Ditch Fishing with "Joe Dirt" :-)

Lanier Jim

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Out this morning with a father son team....Steve and his 13 yr old Britton...aka "Joe Dirt" Jedi in training....since he was sportin the mullet!
I targeted ditches all day looking for some schools and we rolled up on a few of them. First stop - 2-3 good fish in the boat on the drop shot and spoon.

A couple of ditches later - Steve sticks a huge slab crappie in 52' of water on the spoon....but nothing else....not far down the ditch, Joe Dirt and I stick drop shot fish.
We kept moving....pulled in on another big school and it was on....we were sticking them on the Damiki, Spoon, and Drop Shot. Britton....I mean "Joe Dirt" ....got hot with the drop shot and Blue Lily while I was using a test winter bait - same winter bait I tested last year. It normally takes a year + to test a color and design....I still have one we started testing early summer....might have to bring it out this winter to see.

We kept moving and pulled up on another school - Same baits and we boat a couple more. The ditch bite...and the channel ledges are starting to load up with bait and fish. Today - we saw some huge schools of bait and fish and as it gets colder - it's going to get better.

Steve and Britton are going back out again soon....learning how to fish these ditches and ledges is awesome from now to the end of February. These two are repeat customers and it's always a lot of fun....especially when Steve sticks a big "Tree Pounder"
Not sure how many we ended up with but with no sun - I was happy until about 10:30.....then it shut down. That's been the norm here lately. Great fun with Steve and Britton "Joe Dirt" :) LJ


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