Ditches and Points this week w/pics

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This past week was pretty crazy with the weather going from below freezing temps early in the week to a 70 degree afternoon yesterday. The fish have been pretty predictable for this time of year as the fish are holding deep but pushing bait shallow in the warm sun at times. The spoons and deep drop shot are working well for the ditches while the crankbaits and finesse stuff is working on the south facing rocky points in the afternoon. Here's a few picks from last week. aaa (2).jpg aab (2).jpg merc2.jpg merc1.jpg merc3.jpg merc4.jpg merc6.jpg merc5.jpg
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Couple more from today. It was windy and tough in the ditches today!
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Here's an expanded fishing report for Lanier. Right now I've got 2 rods on the deck, the spoon and the shakey head. With the spoon I'm just cruising ditches in the creek and off the main lake in pockets. I'm looking for the presence of bait and maybe a few cruising fish. A lot of times the fish have been stuck to the bottom so seeing them may not be possible. If I see bait around I'll start dropping the spoon at around 45-50 feet of water and work my way shallower but just about all the fish I'm catching in ditches are cruising in 40-45 feet of water. I'm trying to drop along the edges of the tree lines to keep the spoon from getting snagged but sometimes the fish are in the structure so I'll work the spoon pretty slowly directly below the boat and keeping it as vertical as possible. If I get snagged I just bounce the rod tip a little and see if the weight of the spoon dislodges itself. I like War Eagle, Hopkins, Cotton Cordell, Captain Macks and Flex-it spoons.
For the shakey head it can be used in a number of places but for me, if I'm throwing it shallow, deep water nearby is a must. If you can find a creek channel that swings pretty close to the shore and a rock face or rocky ledge is present the fish are going to be pushing bait against the steep drop and trapping it. Deep docks are also a good bet if there is a presence of bait. Another bait that can work well right now is the jig. The water temps are in the 50's and anytime the water temps are in that range the crawfish will be active on the chunk rock. They spawn and then molt and when molting the color I prefer is the rust and red colors for our native Chattahoochee Crawfish.
One other thing is to keep your white Sebile 125 size and a blueback looking jerkbait handy for the stripers. They can show up anywhere and anytime..Good luck out there and dress warm, it's cold. Also, one other thing, if you would like to learn more about Lake Lanier and bass fishing year round check out our "Jiminar" on January 5th hosted by Jimbo on Lanier. Jimbo on Lanier, Lanier Jim and myself will all be on one stage to cover "A year on Lanier". Here's a few pics from spooning on Monday. br1.jpg br3.jpg