DNR and I ruined my buddy's last hunt

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Last night when I got done hunting I saw a truck pulling away from our meeting spot.

I was quickly informed that it was the game warden and it was my fault he was there.

How was it my fault you ask? The warden saw my truck from the road and decided he would walk in and check things out. Well he saw an empty corn bag in the back of my truck.

Because he saw the bag he comminced to trying to find me. He saw footprints in the sand and trailed by buddy all the way to his stand which was more than a half mile.

The warden ended up only messing up one hunter. He passed out warnings for not wearing orange.

I was a little ticked b/c the bag had been in my truck box for a long time but I took it out sat. to put a dead coyote in it. Of course the warden was convinced I was baiting.

Moral of the story, Don't even keep empty your feed bags in your truck it could get your buddies in trouble!! :D


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Remeber when it comes to the DNR, you are assumed guilty until you prove you are innocent!


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Howard Roark said:
Probable Cause?
Open view. The bed of a pick up does not give one the expectation of privacy that the trunk of a car would. As soon as the warden saw the bag, he had, at a very minimum, articulable suspicion.
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No doubt..

he took off his orange in the stand and the warden walked right up on him.

I guess the thing that bothers me is that he went out of his way to check my truck without reason to. He walked across a 100 acre rye field to look in the back of my truck.

Dedicated I suppose.

We have a huge problem with people night shooting and hunting roosting ducks and we get busted for not wearing orange in the stand. :banginghe

I suppose some will say if you bend the rules and not wear orange then you will break any game laws.
We all learned a good lesson.


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Doing his job. Nice of him not to give a ticket, good attutide from Mr. Green of the experience. All is well