DNR Survey Called Me Today

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Thank goodness it was after I was awake!!

They wanted to know if I hunted deer in Georgia during the 2004-2005 season. Yeah, right.

How many times did you hunt with a modern firearm? 6

How many times did you hunt with archery equipment? An average of 8 times per week for the entire season (beginning of archery until the end of modern firearms)

How many deer did you harvest with a modern firearm? 0

How many deer did you harvest with archery equipment? 0

How would you rate your overall hunting experience in Georgia for this past season? Good

These weren't all the questions, but were representative of what they asked. Has anyone else been surveyed this year?

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I have been hunting in GA for 35 years, lived here all my life and have never gotten a call from DNR about it. I have em in the store about 10 times ayear and never had a question asked about it there either. Oh well :huh:


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I was surveyed 2 years ago and this past Tuesday they called the house and asked for my son who is 17 and surveyed him


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Colorado has surveyed me every year for the past 12 years. They even post the results on their web page to provide information for hunters. :clap:



Never been surveyed and don't really care to.........

All the info. the "DNR" puts out seems somewhat crazy........ :crazy:


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Nope never been asked anything.


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Larry Rooks said:
I have em in the store about 10 times ayear and never had a question asked about it there either. Oh well :huh:
That wouldn't be random and thus not w/in scientific and statistical constraints.


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They don't want to talk to me....

Never been called, but I have a telemarketing screen machine on my phone so that likely stops them if they even tried. Bummer, always happy to give feedback (no smart comments please). Was surveyed with similar questions by the Georgia Wildlife Federation last year via mail. Gladly completed it and sent it in.
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I seem to get a call about either turkey or deer almost every year. For the last 4 or 5 years anyway.


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Jeff it is all about random samplings, statistical analysis and all that other good stuff I have since forgotten from college. If the survey is not random, then the end results can not be trusted. For example, if I were to hold a political poll at my church, Bush would have held a 100% - 0% lead over Kerry, and that is far from a true statistical sampling, therefore any results would not be valid.


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:cheers: I understand completly!!!

Statistics was one of my favorite classes in college!

I was refering to those of our members that are complaining because the state does not waste $100,000 on some sort of check in system.


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Yeah, but then some of us would be complaining that the state is wasting thousands of $$$$$$s on some useless check in system.........It is a loose loose.