DNR Survey Called Me Today


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Got the call.

GeauxLSU said:
Never been called, but I have a telemarketing screen machine on my phone so that likely stops them if they even tried. Bummer, always happy to give feedback (no smart comments please)....
Well what do you know? Disconnected screen machine and they called tonight! :fine: Just hung up with them.
Or, now that I think about it, were one of you guys just messing with me? I did think the "Have you ever hunted in the nude?" question was a bit odd... :huh: Actually that wasn't so weird as the follow up question "How many days?"
Hunt/fish safely,


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Oh come on Phil you know someone out there somewhere hunts in the nude during the early season.

Jeff, I have forgotten enitrely too much about statistical analysis to even attempt an attempt at explaining it. I think over the years you and John have done an excellent job.

I think the best line I ever heard from a professor went something like this: There was a discussion of statistical analysis and the validity of the method. One of my fellow classmates informed the instructor that statistical analysis with random sampling was false and not reliable for valid results. He claimed the only way to have certifiable results was with quantifiable, hard data, ie check stations. The professor stated, the odds of a coin being flipped and landing on heads is 50%, we do not need hard data to verify the statistics.........seemed rather simple enough to understand.