DNR wants to allow 30 caliber muzzleloaders for deer


Is it the DNR or the legislature?


I agree. I am a hunter during bow season and a sniper after that. Hardly ever shoot a deer under 250 with a rifle. I know, I am lazy.
Do you use a long bow or recurve?


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Game check will only show the number of successful ml deer hunters not how many total or what type ml used.
The program could always be changed to show any data they wished to see.

I am a traditional muzzle loader hunter who chooses to use flintlocks. I hunt with my flintlocks at least 95% of the season, sometimes more. I don't play anybody's game except my own. I've read all the arguments and still think a 30 caliber is too small to hunt deer with.
Well then, ban the .30-06 and .270 Win.