Do foxes run off deer???

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Yesterday evening and this morning, I've seen a group of foxes (5!) from my stand. I've never seen a group of grey fox before. Not sure how deer react to them in area. Is it game over or should I stay put???


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I would hang in there. Can't be any worst than the tree rats I have around me cutting pine cones.. O yeah, they enjoy dropping them from 80' and watching them bounce..


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I'd rather watch the foxes anyway. You don't see that often. I've only seen that many one time in 30 years of hunting.
I doubt a deer would walk up in the middle of five foxes playing but they'll be back as soon as they leave.
deer see fox all the time.

Hey, I saw a big old otter today while hunting. Been awhile since I have seen a fox.


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Had a pope and young class buck behind a persimmon tree. Needed a couple more steps and a fox came in and spooked it! Have hated them ever since. They don't run them off permanently but can spook them!


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I shot a doe last bow season while watching a fox 10 yards to my right the deer walked in calm as can be 7 yards to my left. She didn't care about the fox at all.
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Update: I went in the the next morning and at daylight saw another fox! This time it was by itself. Not 2 hours later, watched an 8 point (young - no shooter) walk through the same area.
So... indeed, they are not bothered by fox in the area.
Now I'm just wondering why I'm all of the sudden seeing so many fox???
close to a den site.

Was set up right over a den site on one lease and killed two 10 pointers on consecutive opening mornings..both within 20 yards of the hole the young foxes were denning in.
They don't run deer off for sure. I've got trail cam pics of them eating corn together, but in certain situations they can spook a deer. Seen that from the stand several times.
I had a few pics of this pregnant doe eating corn with a fox for a minute or two the other night. Number one, I didn't realize a deer would hang out with a fox like this. Number two, I didn't know foxes would eat deer corn.

There are plenty of coyotes around here too, but the deer are usually long gone about 30 seconds or more before the coyote shows up in the frame. Anyway, I googled "are deer afraid of foxes", or something like that. This gon thread from a long time ago. It was one of the 1st things to come up, lol!