Do they make a universal ladder stand foot rest?

Jim Boyd

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I am not aware of a universal but, yes, a foot rest is the bee’s knees.

Conduit and a bender are your friend.

Google how to use the bender.

Look at existing designs to determine how yours will work. Some use a bend that lays on the floor and some use a tab or piece of stock that the rest “stops” on.

1/4” fasteners are fine and lock nuts are key.

One word of caution: do no harm! Be certain any work you do can not compromise the structural integrity of the stand.

Good luck, sir.


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I used the support rails on my bush hog to bend mine. Just find something heavr to put on it and bend it

280 Man

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I thought about buying one of these. I know its for a summit but this one is 17" wide and the foot platform on my stand is 17.25"

What do you think?
It may work! Ive got that foot rest on my Summit stand. If it'll fit it will do the job. Sometimes a 1/4 inch makes all the difference in fitment...

That footrest is expensive as well!