Do you care how many post counts someone has?

What do you think of post counts?

  • Let them post away no matter what!

    Votes: 11 12.5%
  • Better if the post is somewhat useful.

    Votes: 25 28.4%
  • Who cares either way?

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Dustin Pate

Just wondering what everybody's opinion is on post counts. Do you take a person more seriously if they have more or not? Does it matter at all? Do you feel more important if you have more?


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No, Not really, and No

Do you take a person more seriously if they have more or not? Does it matter at all? Do you feel more important if you have more?
I really try and pay attention to people who post interesting (to me) post and not necessarily the ones that post for #'s :)

We, IMO, have room for all types of posters here on Woody's and I'm glad we have them :)



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Not really. We all have to start somewhere. However, if someone who has one or two posts is on the "Swap and Sell" trying to sell or buy something, then I would definitely approach with caution.

BTW...Some folks have been on this board for a LONG time but haven't racked up the number of posts that some folks have. It doesn't necessarily mean they are more or less "important" than those with a zillion posts, it just means they have a life!!! ;) :bounce: ::ke: :p



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I don't think they post away the way they do for the count.

I think that it is just a result of not being shown enough attention when they were younger.


Seriously, having "quick triggered" members is a big plus. We've all seen sites that just seem to languish from inactivity for days on end. Places where a new guy will make a post and no one ever acknowledges their presence.

That WILL NOT happen around here!

HT2 is the brunt of quite a few good natured ribbin's around here because of his high post count. But that's OK!

He and I along with other Mod's have discussed this and we all believe that quick "chatter" is a dern good thing for the life of the board. Everyone is garaunteed an answer to their post!

I know he doesn't post for the "count". He just likes to participate in the discussions. He has had so many post counts deleted due to server failures and crashes that if his real total were known, I'm sure we'd all have to agree that there is NO WAY anyone would touch it. Off the top of my head I'd say about 25-30K?!?!

I don't believe the new slapstick bunch are working for posts. I just think they like to cut up. I also believe that they have gotten the point that they shouldn't hijack threads any longer and thereby, their participation will be enriched.

Sure we have some folks that want nothing but deadly serious posts but I think we can level out or should I say we have always leveled out to a very happy median.

If anybody is posting to see that number increase, I mean if it will really make you feel good, let me know and I'll change your number. (Of course then I'll laugh at you for being vain about something that is trivial.)



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Jeff Young said:
...I mean if it will really make you feel good, let me know and I'll change your number. (Of course then I'll laugh at you for being vain about something that is trivial.)
Hey, Jeff! How about spotting me a couple of hundred--I'll get you back at the first of the month! ;) :p :bounce: Better yet, have me permanently stuck on 999! :D
I personally don't care how many you have .If you've been around any amount of time you can see from my typing that my post are hard earned. :type: They for the most part are caused by these two nuts on here named toliver and bow bender. Thanks guys for the help! :cool: some people have thousands of posts that doesn't mean the are smarter they just did better in typing class. :type: post as much as you like and have fun. If it's a serious thread then It will be answered seriously as long as toli doesn't hijack it. ::ke: :fine: None of us will catch HT2 he sleeps on the computer I believe.


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Either way, whatever flips someone's switch.
There are a few folks I wish would post more, but like was said, they probably have lives. :eek:
There's a way to tell how many posts someone has made? ::huh: :confused:
Hunt/fish safely,


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I personally don't pay much attention to how many posts someone makes... It's not how many they make, but the thought put into the ones they DO make.

Kinda like my Uncle Clyde, he can say more with just a few words than another uncle I have can in two weeks! :bounce:

It's not how many times you post, but what you have to say when do is what I pay attention to most.


I'm personally "OFFENDED"!!!!!!!!!

I think some of ya'll post "WAY, WAY TO MUCH"!!!!!!!!!!

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Jeff pretty much summed it up for me......

I like all the post, but I ain't doin' it for the numbers.......Heck, if'n they wanted to, they could reset the counter everyday, and I ain't gonna slow up.......I enjoy the people, the subjects, and generally just about everything here at Woody's.......

Oh yeah......

I didn't get much attention as a kid........ :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Doesn't matter to me either way... if some of these guys didn't post in mass quanities, many of the topics would become dead within a day or two. Doesn't mean they know anymore than the others, they just like to "talk" a lot!

Its just like being in a large room of people, like at a party. Some talk away to the point of being obnoxious and some keep to themselves or just a small group. Im in the latter group, I check in almost daily but only post once or twice. If someone else has posted my thoughts on a topic, I usually won't repeat it.
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The reason I asked this is a little late. A few weeks ago when all the talk about switching over to a GON board there were a good number of people that were worried about losing post counts. I was just wondering what it mattered. I don't care if people post away really but I just hope people do it for a good reason. 99.99999% of the people who post alot are very informative. I hope people are encouraged to post alot to spread valuable information.

I just wanted to know everybody thought.


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What's a post count? ::huh:


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Jeff Young said:
I like your attitude Toli!!!
Well, that's dang sure good to hear. Cause I got A LOT of it!!!! :D

Edited to add: HEY!!! Wait just a dang minute! NOW I see what you've done went and done. How much did stumpboy pay you to do that? He'll do ANYTHING to get to 1000 first!! :banginghe


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Thanks for the welcome, nut. I just want you to know that I've enjoyed reading this forum and look forward to participating. I would like everyone to know that I am totally straight forward and will only post serious, on topic comments. :)


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Nothing but a bunch of dang comedians around here I tell ya!!!