Do you find it ethical to shoot a wild hog and let it lay?

Do you find it ethical to shoot a wild hog and let it lay.

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Well do ya?
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Lets keep this clean so the thread don't get shut down. If you want to voice your opinion do so but I ask that you don't debate each others opinions, there are othere threads out there for that.
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I personally was raised that you don't kill anything that you don't intend to eat unless it is a problem such as yotes and etc and the meat is not edible. I've killed countless things and I didn't eat is such as birds with my pellet rifle but last year was the first time I killed something with substantial meat and didn't kill it for the meat. The hog population on our club has steadily increased over the last several years without much hunting of the hogs taken place. Last year was my first year in the club and everyone told me about the problems that were starting to arise out of the hogs such as damage to the food plots that we plant for deer and they stated that the goal for the club was to reduce the number of hogs as much as we could because of their rapid rate of increase in population. During bow season I saw the damage that the hogs were causing first had so the first time I got a chance I went hog hunting and killed several my first day at it. I had family that had a club in the same county that I was hunting in and was sure they would take the meat and if they didn't want it I was told that there were several locals in the area that said they would take any hogs that we killed. So after killing them I started making phone calls and no one had time to mess with the meat or didn't want the meat for what ever reason. I took the meat that I had room for and left the others. While I was making the calls without having any luck finding someone to give the meat to I started thinking how it looked like I was about to just waste some perfectly fine grub and how it was looking like I had done something that I was raised not to do and it was starting to bother me a bit. Then I started rationalizing how I was seeing groups of 2 or 3 average size hogs with 10+ small hogs every time I went to the club and how most of the groups were different groups of hogs and realized that population control is a must and the fact that I was leaving them to rot started bothering me less and less. The fact of the mater is that IMO the wild hog population needs to be controlled or else we will be over ran with hogs especially since no more than 5 years ago the property didn't have any hogs and last year every time someone went to the club 15 to 30 hogs were seen at a time, the food plots stayed rooted up, and the roads stayed rooted up. I know that to the hog hunters the increase in population is a good thing because it gives them more hunting opportunities but for the folks that primarily deer hunt and only want to kill the occasional hog for the grill the hog population has became a problem that needs to be taken care of even if it means doing things that we are not fond of doing such as leaving the meat to rot. I do believe that if it is possible the meat needs to be put to use but until the hog population is under control if some hog meat has to rot then so be it because for the most part the meat will not be wasted because nature doesn‘t waste anything.

I should have made the poll open to multiple answers because I also believe that a farmer has the right to protect his crop even if it means that the animals that destroy it must lay there and rot.

If you disagree with me that is fine and I respect that cause you have the right to your opinion just as I do to mine.


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i voted no to the question. i am cajun/ native american and was always taught to eat what you kill or make sure it goes to some one who can. For food, the hide, the bones it can be used in some way. all pigs that we catch are fed out to be cooked.


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I can't vote because my "yes" answer is not on there. We always let the full grown boars lay out in the fields - we just don't trust the meat. Some boats eat good, others are so stinky that you can't even clean them without gagging. Sows and young boars are always hauled out for the meat.


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I hunt a ranch that is overrun. The Owner gets mad if you do not help him get rid of them. You can only eat so many!


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If they are eating all your peanut crop up that you need to make a living what would you do?? Oh and send me your phone # so I can call you on the next one so I want feel guilty about leaving it out there to waste.
Just kidding but this does happen I am sure. :)
I have no problem with it...same with armadillos, cockroaches, and coyotes....and just like on this site, sooooo many folks say "I'll take all you got" then you call 'em on a hot August day to come pick up some and its uh, well, uhhh, man this is a bad day, well huh...dont think I can make it....
If your a farmer and they are hurting your livelyhood.Do what you have to do.If you are sport`n don`t shoot him unless you gonna do all you can to get him out.NOTE...I never drag a hog no matter how far.A small backpck and garbage bags and hes on your back and out with little effort. Pretend your Elk hunting,you would`nt leave him would you.RC
A small backpck and garbage bags and hes on your back and out with little effort. Pretend your Elk hunting,you would`nt leave him would you.RC
Me and John Steven did exactly that earlier this year and is definately the way to go when you are deep in the woods!

Why not ask for a sticky on here?

You could say "hey I can travel anywhere in Screven county to pick up unwanted hogs/deer".And then people that are in your area could pm you and you could exchange numbers.That way your phone number isn't publicized,and the meat doesn't go to waste.I'm willing to bet as high as gas/food prices are right now you can easily find someone to take a free hog/deer to fill up their freezer if they would just come help drag it or meet you in town.

Also...Why not ask friends/co-workers ahead of time?


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if you shoot it and it runs far and you track it and can not find it, that is okay, but to shoot it and it falls right there, no.
Just my 02, yes I think it is ethical as long as its far enough away as to not stink up a neighborhood. We actually have people working for the DNR who have full time jobs killing hogs on barrier islands. These animals destroy native animals such as sea turtles, gopher tortoise, Indigo and other snakes, the list goes on and on. They are not native and are completly useless as far as ecosystem health is concerned. On barrier islands they are the number 1 cause of seaturtle nest destruction. I know of wildlife agents that kill 20 or more in a day. Although some of these are dressed and eaten the majority of them are vulture and gator food. My personal opinion is to kill them all! They don't belong here! Again this is my opinion.
I kill everyone I can, young and old alike.