Do you find it ethical to shoot a wild hog and let it lay?

Do you find it ethical to shoot a wild hog and let it lay.

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The possum and the buzzards gotta eat too. Hogs have gone from being an nusiance to being a blight. You can't kill enough of them to make a difference once they take hold. You may run them off for a few weeks or a month or so but if there is a plentiful food supply, natural or otherwise, they will be back.

Hogs are a much worse problem than coyotes to the deer populaton. You going to eat that coyote you shoot under your deer feeder?
gut shoot and let them run off so you don't have to deal with'em !!!!!
I use to be in a club that the landowner was a bigtime farmer. He leased us 1800 of his 4500 acres. His biggest rule was shoot every hog in the stomach. He said they will run miles when it happens and die off his property. He would not allow us to harvest hogs if caught it was pack up your stuff and never come back.
I will fill my freezer with sows and then every pig I shoot goes to the gut pile. If someone wants one, I'll give them away but that rarely happens as there are just so many. We can't get a handle on them and between the 2 places I hunt we probably kill 300 to 400 a year. This in FL south o