Do you find it ethical to shoot a wild hog and let it lay?

Do you find it ethical to shoot a wild hog and let it lay.

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This is a tough one for me. I am not one to shoot anything that I am not going to eat, but I can certainly see them being shot and left as a nuisance animal. I also think that if there were processors readily available for hogs they would more often be shot.
Whilst butchering one of the last feral hogs I killed, I discovered a white, flat, worm-like critter crawling out between two verterbrae in the young boar's spine. I've asked several vets about it since and not one could say what it was other than "some parasite"... Needless to say that carcass went directly to the county landfill and I'll never eat un-vaccinated pork again!
But after seeing the incredible damage done by them to farmer's crops, family member's vehicles, and to natural wildlife, I say shoot 'em all and let the buzzards n' yotes feast...
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Yes, and yes to any non native invasive doing damage. To include coyotes, armadillos and cats. Ethics don't come into play other than the ethical thing is to stop the damage by any means possible.
I might be a little jaded as I am from Texas and still have family and property there, they get shot and that is the final resting place unless its by the house. There are just too many to try and go pick them all up. When we were out in Jan killed 26 out of one group, its just not feasible to try and recover them