Do you full length or neck size?

I full length resize. But I do have a specific load for a specific rifle that I use a Lee loader to produce because it shoots tiny groups as a result. In that case if it ain't broke..... Don't break it.


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Neck for the same bolt rifle. Easier on me and the brass. A sight faster too. Shoot the same brass over and over without the need to trim and all that comes along with it.

My advice for those that do neck size, "don't do large lots that you may not use."

If I were loading for a ground hog rifle, I may load 100+ rounds neck sized only, but too many times I've loaded for a specific rifle only to trade it off. Made myself some more work taking them apart.

I can't definitively state whether accuracy is measurably changed, but I'm a fan of the ability to wipe a case off, size, load, and shoot again in minutes.


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I have N.S. for many years and I haven't had any problems with bolt closing or hard to load on any of the bolt rifles I load for. I have checked the accuracy of my rifles by shooting both Neck Sized and Full Length Sized rounds and there was no difference in the grouping on the targets.


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When I loaded my first 300 Win Mag rounds many years ago I did my first partial sizing using my FL die.

After bringing the ram to the top of the stroke I placed a nickel atop the shell holder as a spacer, then ran the FL sizing die down to touch the nickel and locked. You could easily adjust for more or less as the nickel was a starting reference that worked quite well.

This method doesn't work your brass like complete full length sizing.

I haven't used this method much since I found the Lee Collett dies, but I remember being pleased with the results.