Do you remember what you were doing 18 years ago today?

In the truck listening to it live on the radio before the second plane hit the second tower, then when the second plane hit I told my boss but he didn’t believe it.
I said it’s time to pack up now and go home till further notice and he made us stay and work all day like nothing at all was happening. He later said he didn’t actually believe it till he seen the news at the end of the day. He got paid but we had to wait two weeks to see him again. Then he walked around for years like some firefighter who was directly involved. I knew he was a sham from that point on. I’ll never forget.


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Came back into the dealership after a test drive and got the word. All work pretty much stopped, everyone gathered in the showroom to catch the news on the big screens, seen the second plane hit. Just silence.


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Scuffing the under side of a car hood at the body shop I use to work at. I thought it was a joke until the radio kept repeating it. I wasn’t a firefighter then, but my hat is off to all of the first responders that were in that scene and gave their lives for all those affected. Being on scene must have been an overwhelmingly chaotic and hopeless thing. Yet they didn’t coward away, they suited up and took care of business. Seeing those victims jump should never be forgotten. Maybe one day we can kill the ideology that caused all of this.
I think one of the most dramatic and humbling events during the chaos was the carrying of the FD Chaplains body to be laid on the alter of the cathedral. In all that awful terror humanity prevailed.