Dodge County

Bought 84 acres last February planted around 2 acres in food plots. Deer hunting going to be good didn't hear one gobble during the spring hoping to find a turkey membership this coming year.
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Do to COVID concerns from his doctor- Billy Joiner will not be processing deer this year. He does have someone who is skinning and will quarter the deer, just bring a cooler. They will dispose of the carcass. Call Judd (478) 231-6349, he can also direct you to the best local processor.
Got back home today weather was great in Dodge saw five bucks in one afternoon on my 84 acres one eight, three four points and a three point. Saw one eight and a spike number of does and yearlings at home looking like it's going to be a good year.
Deer moving off and on in dodge. Little bucks show sign of the rut trying to start. Warm in the afternoons right now. Got some big boys on camera so hoping the cooler weather starts soon.
What part of Dodge are you in? I'm in the Southern part just east of Abbeville and still only seeing little bucks. Young bucks are still sticking together. I have a couple big guys on camera but not showing any signs of rut yet.
I got a piece out towards the dodge/Pulaski county line southwest of eastman and I just seen a big bodied deer getting in the stand. Got here around 5:15 cause the deer ain’t been moving til right at dark and he was already in the shooting lane.