Dodge County


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11/6 through 11/16 was always prime for me in Chauncey.

I had a piece of property for 10 seasons just outside of Chauncey off El Bethel Church Rd, just over the Dodge County line in Telfair. I think you got that date range just about right. I can't imagine any other property had a better travel funnel than that one did, and based on what I saw there, 11-6 through 11-12 would be the week I would focus on.


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I saw a big one Saturday afternoon. He was checking a scrape no shot opportunity. He kept his back side to me the whole time. He popped out 135 yards away walked 15 yards to a scrape smelled it and walked off. Drove around Rhine, Milan, Eastman Saturday night looking for bucks. Didn't see any rutting behavior. Does were still paired up with yearlings, bucks feeding on side of road/field edges. This is the latest I can remember rut starting in my area (west of Rhine). It's always the 6th-16th for my property. My cameras show bucks are seeking at night, checking scrapes, but no does have come into estrous yet.
I think the deer are in rut but it’s just according to the area and the deer as to how far along they are. Last weeks hot weather messed up deer movement but I don’t think it stopped the rut. I get bucks on camera at the same stand that are swelled up and are following does and then I get deer that look like they haven’t even thought about rutting