Does almost ready to drop fawns.

Jim Boyd

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I hear the coyotes howling behind the house every night now, so I know it is that time of year.

They howl for six weeks and then we never hear them again until the following year.

Great pic!

Jim Boyd

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I can’t really tell if this is the same doe in the OP but she is ripe

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Yes, she is.

I worked the farms this weekend and did not see any fawns or tiny tracks yet....

Gotta be any day now, if some are not already down.

Was busy and did not pull any cams.
I've got cams on my 3 leases, and I am not seeing any on the ground yet...all in Wilkes CO GA...the does still look plump except for a couple of unbred yearlings...was out there on them this past weekend...

Jim Boyd

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Pic is not great.

This is from last night and I bet she is just looking for a place to deliver.

Wonderful time of the year to truly see God’s work in action.



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This one may be carrying twins. Not very good quality - it is a screenshot from a video.

Jim Boyd

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@Jim Boyd is that Carolina or Midwest?
Marvin -

This is SC.

Don’t have any cell cams running in IL.

I am sure some of the fawns here in SC are down now and more will be in the next 10 days.

Big heavy does in my backyard for the last weeks also. I live 60 miles N of the leased farms.

I am gonna play with the bride this weekend - lake, grill etc - and then back down next weekend.

Rain may impact our Memorial Day weekend some.

Have been putting off planting any of my summer plots till the commercial tillable goes in.

May just run down Monday am and see if I should plant and then get started.

Some of our cotton was planted last week and I am thinking the rest of the farms will be in peanuts.