Does anyone sell/deliver tomahawk targets?

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I am way too lazy (not to mention lack of knowledge :- ) to make my own tomahawk (not ax) target.
Anyone know of anyone who sells and delivers hawk target stands and targets ....
preferably, but not necessarily, 'portable?'
Ideally would like to purchase one with a log slice target more than a board target ....
however, am open to most any design long as it is sturdy and I can replace the target section after it wears out.
- Many thanks.
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Dont use a tree ....Dave ....SMH ....

I have seen several made from 4 X 4's that are very durable and very portable ...

Jack Ryan

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If you burn firewood or know any one who cuts their own firewood, just ask them to save a full round off the trunk cut to firewood length or a little more.

Drive a rail spike in it so the surface you want to throw at will be vertical to throw at. Throw a rope over a tree limb and tie it to the spike. Pull it up to eye level and tie it off. Start throwing.

I've got an eye hook I can screw in the side and tie to the tree to hold it still for beginners.

It is most fun though when you start spinning and swinging it. Stick cards on there and play games throwing at them with it spinning and swinging. Put each other out by taking turns throwing at the other guy's card. It's a blast, way more fun than just throwing at a barn door or a tree stuck there rooted in the ground.

Next one I'm going to put the spike in the flat part so you've got the whole round tree trunk to use for cards.
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They`re easy to make. Try to use a soft wood like poplar, tupelo, or cypress. I prefer blackgum because it is soft and nearly impossible to split. Drill 1 and 1/4 inch or bigger holes about 8 or so inches apart all the way around the rim of the block. Make them about 3 inches deep. These will be the holes for the two legs. Drill another hole in the center of the back of the block for the back support pole.

Make the legs about 2 feet long and the back support pole about 5 or 6 feet long. Cut these from any type saplings.

Making the hawk block like this uses no metal of any kind.

When not in use, I store mine in the barn on a pallet. Keep them out of the weather and they`ll last a long time.