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Al Medcalf

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After several years of reading about them, I finally decided to try one. I've had Bella for about a month now. She's the smartest dog that I've ever messed with. Naturally housebroken and gamey. She's barked up once on a squirrel, just barked once but I'll take that at 4 1/2 months old.


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Al Medcalf

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Good looking dog. Make sure you keep a lot of orange on her.
You are right about that! Looks like I'm fixing to buy her a $50.00 vest. I've found some cheaper ones but I want one that will hold up.


where'd you get all that hair? from the dog?



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wow! I thought she was a yote hybrid! She is a pretty thing.


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I experimented with a boston bulldog. I had heard of them treeing squirrel. Mine want tree nothin. Just no tree in him. He would try and catch an elephant though if it came in the yard. If these mini pigs ever get outta control. I have the perfect dog lol. Good luck with yours. If she's done barked some at that age. I bet she will tree em.

Anvil Head

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Just have to let her know what you want, she'll figure it out quick and do a great job.
Hey guys, as far as huntin a sq dog when deer season is in. I have an orange collar for my sq dog, but do y'all use vest for safety on your dogs? I've also heard that a vest or harness is better on a dog , because a collar can hurt the throat area if your dog pulls on the leash. What are yalls thoughts on using a harness instead of a collar?