Dog Food!!

Mark K

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Right now ants are getting to be a problem down here.
Did have a guy tell me he buys bags of the cheapest dog food he can find and “baits” them up during the winter months in a clear cut and sits out at night with night vision and shoots them. Said he killed almost one a night for the month of Dec. What he thought was the coolest thing was the fact the night shooting didn’t seem to affect his deer hunting the same property during daylight hours.


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I dont use it but I know they will eat it. When I lived in Ohio a friend told me his aunt was feeding a strange looking stray dog. Upon checking it out it turned out to be a black phased coyote that was making regular trips to his aunt's back porch in the daytime. Needless to say his last visit was certainly his last visit.
I use stale combo pretzels, one end dipped in old rotten bacon grease.
its like candy to the yotes. Spread a few in front of trail cams and watch them gorge.