Dog training 18 months old


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Great to see the pre-season effort put into this; skipped over by a lot of people. I should do the same but generally find myself working on that as the season gets started.
This past Saturday, for example, I had my 4 year-old French Brittany, who is normally super steady until released, hunting with my 18 month old one. My younger dog found a covey and the older backed. All was truly perfect. As I eased up with a calming "whoa" to the young dog, the covey flushed. It was awesome. I shot in the air and the young pup held like a rock. I was thrilled! It was then my older dog, who was behind me at that point, came blazing by headed in the direction of where birds flew, ignoring my "whoas!" So much for me thinking all good stuff about my pups!
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