***Donation Thread***

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This is where you can donate to the *Turkey Challenge*
Anyone can donate items or gift card, just name what u are donating. You don't have to donate to play or play to donate. All donations will be greatly appreciated.
We will have a 1st place team
We will have a long beard contest
We will have a long spur contest
We will have a high score contest & the winner will be other than on the winning team.

If we get items donated to where we can have a random draw for one we will.

The donors for the prizes will hold on to them til the winners are announced . At that time everyone can exchange addresses and the donated item can be shipped.

This thread is open for discussion on the what nots & such..
Like if someone wants to donate to 1st gobbler entered or 1st double beard to make it more interesting .

Thank you again this is what makes GON great.


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Put me down for a box call for longest spur ! I need a new one anyway, thanks for doing this again !
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We will have the glass calls again. I’ll get chain reaction to post some pics.


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I will be donating these hats again this year. Longest beard, longest spur and Highest score to those winners .



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Will donate hand made antler handle turkey tote to the first that enters 2 gobblers.
Dang. I didn't see this. I killed a 2 year old on the 25th then had one of those "super jakes"come in on me on the 26th gobbling like a big dog and I rolled him but didn't enter him. facepalm: