Drew my first lope tag

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Yeah, it ain’t deer, but we just had our draw, and I got rifle lope tag, longer than ears.

At least these things are in flatter country. The mulies in October ‘18 were well above 7400’, pushing 8400 where we hat the best stalk.

Them Lopes were down in the sage flats just running all around. Of course it’s a little warmer down at 6k’ feet. In august/September.


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Congratulations. Where you going?

Jim Boyd

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Big congrats!


We LOVE pictures!
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Hard to tell, but both of these pics have lopes. There out a good ways, and not really visible on the flat part.

The deer are WAY up that hill. The lopes are down on the “flat”, or actually incline.

The area is Eastern/Central NV, in the same area I have the tag for this year.

The pic is from oct’18 mulie season.

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Its a fun hunt for sure. Son and I are headed to New Mexico last week of August for antelope. Can't wait. My fall elk hunt was cancelled this year by the ranch as a result of the COVID fear. Good Lord...I am upset. Think it'll be over with by October? Life goes on I suppose. Hope they change their mind about all this craziness.