Driveler #426 I Don't Know How To Do It

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Well I’ll have to backtrack a little bit on the fruit trees, my pomegranate has been loaded with blooms but they all are falling off. Got to do some research on pomegranate


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Good morning Bat,Fish,Flats.
Yesterday was one of those days I zombies out.
Didn,t wake up till 4 p.m. and laid back down at 4 30 is.
I might have taken to much aleve pm Friday night around midnight.


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Bet @dwhee87 is glad they're back here now.
Saw some of the biggest hail I'd ever witnessed out there. The local tornado siren was less than 100 yds from our back door. The first time that thing went off about 1am, it about blasted me out of bed and into the closet.

Guess there's a reason about every 3rd house has a tornado shelter in the yard or basement.
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