Drivelers #420 Azeleas, Pollen, and Wet

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trad bow

wooden stick slinging driveler
Well I did specify evening so you can have both I just can’t understand the gravy over cantaloupe both are awesome but together just what we called hog slop growing up.


Daily Driveler News Team
Thanks for the offer. Not much to do plot wise at Putnam.
We (my son) are doing some prep work at the Jackson property. That’s where we are planting the peas I mentioned yesterday.
Our Taliaferro property was select cut in February. The plots were used as log drags but were dozed clear afterwards. We have to start from scratch there.
Lots to piddle with!!!!!
See what the forestry service would charge to clean them up and put their 24" harrows on it for you.
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