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I'm having a bad flair up of duck fever right now. It's almost debilitating! Gotta do something to get ready!

How about posting pictures of you favorite duck boat setup(s)? And what style hunting you do with it?
Especially boats for duck hunting here in Georgia.

I'm looking for ideas and suggestions I can use to build out a good setup or two for local hunting this fall.
So my questions make more sense, and for full disclosure, I do work in the boating industry. I'll have pretty good resources for mods.

I first contracted duck fever in the spring of '23. I finally got to go once near the end of the '24 season. So I'm mighty new to this.
 I'm in southeast Georgia, and am just focusing on duck hunting here in Georgia. Be it beaver pond or coastal.


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Look at prodigy boats. If you are going coastal, I suggest at least a 18x54 like I have. They show a lot of configurations.

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I will admit I don’t hunt Georgia. But do hunt Central Florida. My boat is a customized Lowe 1448 with a Backwater mud motor and 22 hp predator engine. Use a Beavertail blind grassed with Blindgrass. The boat hunts two with plenty of room could hunt three but it would be tight. The boat is light and can get in real skinny water but less than 6-8 inches gets hard to drive. It is a rivet boat so you really don’t want to beat it off stumps but the boat is a good solid hunting boat at a lot cheaper option over built mud/duck boat options out there.

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Figure out how much money it would take you to build/modify your boat, and then spend it going on a trip to a state that actually has ducks.


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Figure out how much money it would take you to build/modify your boat, and then spend it going on a trip to a state that actually has ducks.

That is not the advice the man asked for. Unless you have reasonable advice, perhaps you should back off.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM.


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My duck rig is a copy of the old Arthur Armstrong Widgeon I got in Bellview Florida back in the early 90's. I hunt mostly freshwater lakes in Florida. When the water is up, I use the PVC rails and Fast Grass curtains I made and try and back up to tall cover or floating island. When the water is low, I take the rails off and pull right into the lily pads. I take my pocket knife and cut a bunch of the pad tops off and cover up the boat with them. Then I just sit still. It almost isn't fair.


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Just picked it up: 1752 modV with 40hp SS longtail. Not many places it can’t go.
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Well, since I had one similar years ago, yea, there are places you don't want to with it. With the ribbed bottom you gonna hang on stumps. They can be hard to get off of. Don't ask me how I know.