Early County

Hey guys, just wanted to give my update over here from Early county. It has been extremely dry to the point where trees are beginning to die. I have not been able to plant any of my food plots this year and that has been very disappointing. The deer are hammering corn as soon as I put it out. Had a doe come in 10 minutes after I threw a bag out the other day. As far as deer movement, the mornings seem to be getting better than the evenings. All my mature deer are still night owls. I am hoping this little front pushing through will get them on there feet this weekend.


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I haven't been up since December of last year. Probably will aim for late November- December this year. Just so much going on.
Saw a lot of deer this past weekend. Between me and a buddy we saw 3 of our mature bucks in daylight. Ended up shooting one of our big ones with my bow about an hour before dark on Sunday. Starting to see a couple scrapes showing up as well.
Sorry guys I have been bogged down at work. Here are some pics. Been mostly hunting pinch points out of lock-on stands for the big deer. Leaving my feed sites to harvest my does. That will change in a little while once they start chasing some tail :bounce: Got my eyes on a bruiser for this last tag...


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Nice buck. Roman nose- did you save the jaw bone?
What is a pinch point? What kind of setup were you hunting?
Pinch points are areas where deer will cross or funnel while they navigate to and from feeding/bedding areas. Yea I still have the jaw bone. Thinking about sending it off to a biologist to give me an age... that short stubby nose is pretty neat to see.
Went up to hunt this past weekend and didn't see much. Were in that November "lull" that happens every year before the rut starts to kick in. Going to give it a break and head back up in the beginning of December. Have any of ya'll been seeing anything?


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I'm going to try and go up Fri, Sat, and Sun- will be the first time this YEAR for Early county. Looks like cold temps. When do yall normally see bucks chasing does?


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Miller county

What general area are you hunting, I hunt family land across from Jones Long.

Saw five young bucks Sunday am, four does - all hung around scrapes and were following the does, though at some distance.

Still bowhunting, will pick up rifle soon...

Figured we are about a week to ten days for bigger ones ot be walking.

Are you local? dont see many miller county posts, one guy from florida that leases the Cleveland farm and Son from lake seminole who hasnt posted in a while.

sowega hunter

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I hunt around Hilton in Early county. It should be about 10 days before they get really heavy according to past years. I am still seeing younger bucks running together.


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which direction? we are maybe about 3-4 miles SE of Arlington.

Good info sowega hunter.

This weekend will cut that time in half and with it being cold, will probably have some response to rattling. Do you normally see the bog boys following\chasing in the third week of Dec? I've only seen chasing once in the last 10 years.

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we normally see chasing starting about the 15th through the end of the year with the 15th through 20th being the most active. this is from 30 plus years of hunting on the same property.