Early County

We still have 2 more trips planned, but we are done unless another big daddy walks out. Went from only having a couple of packs of burger from last year left in the freezer, to a full freezer in 2 hours.


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Went Friday after rain did not see much activity and no deer.
Went Friday evening and had one come out but fog was to thick to see what it was or get a good shot.
Went Sunday afternoon. Had a buck come out on other side of 70 acre peanut field. Three blows on the grunt tube and he was on the way. Every time he slowed down I would hit it again and he was at a fast trot. I was looking around to make sure another deer didn’t bust me. He was almost there when a doe stepped out and caught his eye. He eyeballed her for a minute then turned and started back towards her. I grunted one more time and he stopped just long enough for me to squeeze off a shot from my 243. Punched both lungs and he made it about half way to the doe when he collapsed.
He was good sized body 6 pt. Will eat just dandy. Miller Time



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There is a processor on Highway 216 in the Patmos community, I don't know anything about them. I hope to find out this year, though!


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Reports are some nice bucks have been killed in Early & Miller counties during bow season, I expect it to pick up during rifle season if the weather cooperates. Hopefully hurricane Delta will stay to our west this weekend and only bring our area the needed rain for recently planted food plots. The cool snap we had last week was great!
I’m not a fan of vacuum sealing. Several times I’ve had the packs of sausage break open. Only the link sausage packs. Weird but this has been an issue.


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I've always vacuum sealed my own and for some reason, sausage can be an issue. I used a local processor close to home who had a much better vacuum sealer than mine, and haven't had a problem, but they were very expensive unfortunately.

Hopefully this cooler weather will get the mature bucks moving around this weekend, good luck to everyone.


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Used to have issues with my old foodsaver losing the seal after freezing the meat,no more problems after I got the vacmaster vp215. It's a chamber vac sealer and the bags are much cheaper for it