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Got into blind number 3 about 9 pm last night. Trail cam pictures shows pigs at 8 pm till 5 am so no telling when one would show up. Been trying to hunt it the last 3 nights but rain, rain, rain into the night but yesterday it rained most of the day and the night was good to go. I ran off a critter as I approached the blind. I could hear it going through the water. I sat there till 12 midnight. Had to run off a possum that was eating the corn up. I had some pigs coming in through the water but they turn back. The wind was every so light but was just wrong. I could smell my Thermacell when standing in front of it. Pigs have great noses. After leaving my blind at 12, I went and walked a few fields before going home. The first field there was nothing but the second field I spotted two dark figures right off the bat. One was on the left side of the field and the other was in the field about 30 yards from the wood line. The stalk was on and it didn't matter which one. The smaller pig on the edge of the field was moving away from me but the other was busy eating so that's my target. As I'm going down the edge before heading toward my target I run into two pigs eating on the side of the field. Must change my target now cause I would spook all if I walked pass them. Under 10 yards broadside I let the string go. Well more pigs come out from the edge of the field and all head out to where the big pig is at and she is not happy with the squealing of the pig I just shot. I really don't know where the pig I just shot went but all of them group up together in the field. The sow is really making some threatening sounds. They are all circle up at one spot. I get another arrow on my string. They finally leave the field but I'm not sure about the pig I shot. The sow is still upset as they all go through the woods on my side of the field. I think my pig is where they all were huddle up and I walk in that direction and sure enough, the pig is dead as a hammer right there. Didn't make it 50 yards.

These first pictures are at my blind number 3 where I sat for 3 hours. The last 2 picture are of the little boar. Probably 40 to 50 lbs. I was using my Trad Tech ll with 45 lb limbs on it. The arrow was a Heritage 150 with a 190 gr Grizzly on the end and wild turkey feathers for fletching.


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One thing that was bad last night was my knife was dull. I don't know who last used it but he should be kicked in the butt.:mad: I can't quite reach my butt with my foot. First thing this morning, knife has been sharpen.
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Only 10 pictures per thread. I guess two were deleted after I posted it but I deleted 2 and added back the dead pig pictures.