Eggcellent kitchen gadget

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Fresh eggs can be a bugger to peel if you boil them. My friend who has been raising chickens for twenty years to me to steam them for 12 minutes, best hard boiled eggs around. I picked up this nifty egg steamer of the smiley face web site for 15$. It works great. Cooks 7 eggs, can also do poached eggs . First batch tonight, I'll have to eggperiment on poached eggs another day......... 20201029_172311.jpg 20201029_173203_001.jpg 20201029_174943.jpg 20201029_175003.jpg
I wonder if quail eggs will fit in the pockets? I do dearly love me a boiled quail egg.
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If those are fresh eggs that thing is the ticket. You lose half the white any other way I've ever tried to boil a fresh egg.
they are fresh from my chickens. 10 minutes before they were in the nesting boxes. I also try boiling some and made a mess out of the whites.
Love me some boiled/deviled eggs.

My wife eats a couple a day. She will boil a bunch of eggs, put an "X" on them with a Sharpie and put them in the fridge.

Note: They don't see the humor in putting a Sharpie "X" on a raw egg and setting it amongst their boiled eggs.