Electric cart Charger question -

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Greetings hope all are well in this mess we are living in.

I have a 2013 BBB Ambush Gas/Electric cart, I know I know BBB Sucks, but I have enjoyed mine knock on wood been a good buggy, but I do try my best to take care of it. Use Gas 90% of the time, pretty cool to have the option. Well my charger finally went out on me. My cart is 48 Volt. Any experts know if this charger should be fine on my charger? Or know anything about this brand? The charger I am replacing is 48 volt EZ go and those are like 600 for a new one. Someone told me this one would work and be just as good or better. Thanks for any input. Deer season be here before we know it!

this one 235 w/ no tax and free 2 - 4 day shipping, I dont think i can go wrong. 30 day no questions asked return for full refund and full warranty for 18 month or 2 year cant remember.

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