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I have been reading through this year's regulations. The wording that described electronic calls for hogs has been removed. The state laws do not mention anything. It's now vague and unclear what the law is on calling in hogs.


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They are a non game animal! On private land you can do just about anything you want to do to kill a hog.
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Original post concerns public land.


Feral hogs and coyotes may be taken during any small or big game season
with the appropriate lawful weapons. In addition, a coyote season will
be held from May 16-31 on all WMAs, unless otherwise specified in the
WMA listings on pages 46-66. On some WMAs during the May 16-31
season, feral hogs may be taken as specified by individual WMA listing.
Daylight fluorescent orange is required, for both coyote and feral hogs.
Any legal big or small game firearms may be used during coyote and
hog season. Electronic calls may be used. No night hunting or baiting
allowed. Dogs are NOT allowed unless otherwise specified.

So I found where it mentions electronic calls. So does this pertain to feral hogs in general, or just for the Special Hog and Coyote Season?

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Its allowing one to use electronic calls on WMA during those special hunts. On private land.....we throw pretty much everything at them.