Electronic speed control for trolling motor DIY

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I might have caught a few. :cool: Spotted some slab crappie holding on a tree at around 20 feet, and caught and released a bunch, including the 1.5 lb slab below.


When when the crappie bite died off, I went looking for bass. Used the UL rig with trout magnet, 2 lb test. It was FUN. They were in deep water suspended around 15-20 feet. This 2 lb spot gave me a fit.
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Kudos to Newport Vessels customer support! They approved my warranty claim and are sending me a new one! AWESOME

It helps to send decent pictures and full info on these kinda deals.

I noticed the low-end MK Edge motors look exactly like the Newport. I bet they are from the same factory. I have a MK Terrova iPilot on my "big" boat, but for a kayak or jon, these Newports are hard to beat.
Trolling motors aren't exactly "high tech".

Just replaced end cap on my MK last year, after sleeve bearing started screeching.
Insides looked about same as your pic.

Easy fix, but the cheap Chinesium brushless trolling motors are darn tempting!
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I decided to rebuild the old one just for the heck of it and to learn to fix TMs, since NV told me I didn't need to send it back. I hate to throw out something that might be fixable, and a spare motor would be good to have around. Got some new brushes and seals on the way for not too much money, so I'll give it a try.

Brushless motors require a much more complicated control circuit to generate the drive phases, and while you don't get the arcing RF noise from the brushes, they still generate a lot of digital switching noise that could potentially interfere with sensitive sonars, if the noise is close to the operating sonar frequencie(s). The cost is keeping me away from trying one, and I'm trying to avoid buying Chinese goods - trading with the enemy, ya know.
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Ran my repaired motor this morning; had to replace brushes and seals. NV sent the wrong parts twice, but I finally got the old motor fixed. So far so good. The new motor is on it's way, and should be here Friday.

The fish were definitely biting. I boated a dozen nice crappie, and a few small bass, cruising around testing the motor.