Elk "deadhead" restoration

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I felt like sharing this during the offseason. Found a nice deadhead this past year while mule deer hunting. It was "in the white" from, I suppose, two or more years out in the timber. However, it was not "chalky" at this point and surprisingly, no critters ate on it; I had a good set of antlers. When found, It had a good bit of hair and mummified tissue on it, as you would expect. I've Euro'd a few animals here and there and was familiar with the process. I boiled the skull with laundry detergent for a few hours and then loaded it up in the pickup, heading to the local car wash. Once there, I pressure washed all the crud off (pressure washing is the way to go....makes a crappy task easy) and later treated the skull with peroxide to whiten it.

Then came the task of darkening the sun bleached white antlers. I use a product called Briwax from England. Just buy it on Ebay or Amazon. Some hardware stores carry it too. Its a beeswax based wood stain used in the antique industry. Many shades are available but "light brown" gives the most natural look. I daub it on with a bristle paint brush and wipe off with a towel after a minute or so, leaving the tips in the white of course. The Briwax dries/cures to a dull finish that looks entirely natural. I found out early on that the antler chandelier folks use this stuff religiously. I can see why!

I was pleased with the results and felt like sharing. For what it's worth, he scored 338 5/8". I suppose I'll keep him in my shop. I wouldn't want to display him in the house with my bulls.

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I’ve got a deer that I let get bleached out in the sun I’m gonna try your darkening technique


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Amazing work!! Those beautiful bulls are worth restoring! You did an incredible job. I'd proudly display him at my home no matter how big or small the rest are!
I used Old English on a buck rack I found that was bleached out. It turned out nice.
I never took a pic. Sorry about that. The rack was solid sun bleached white.....white as a ghost. Not a speck of brown anywhere. The skull was covered with dried up hair/skin which was hard as a rock.
Looks good either way. If you posted without the description nobody would have known this thing was bleach white to start with.