Emoluments Part 2


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I have thought about this for a week now, and I believe that Trump is setting the commies up for a grand ole goose egg. He is not this stupid. :wink:


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Pretty sure he handed it off to his kids. Short of selling everything he could not have helped that his hotels and resorts would be made more popular by his Presidency.


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Share Blue hard at work here.:wink:


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This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.

If we want to talk about corruption let’s take a look a Congress and the Senate. How do they go into Washington broke and come out wealthy?

Anyone who buys into this crap is part of the witch hunt and a #nevertrumper just looking for something in their dreams. Anything to take him down. Give me a break!
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The whole premise is ridiculous... There's one thing for darn sure... Trump IS NOT in it for the $$, as many of the "others" appear to be. He has turned all the business holdings and handling over to others for the duration of his presidency. Just how much time do you think he has to worry about renting a few rooms to government employees. Perhaps you should also see what type of discount he gives them to stay there. I'd bet my last dollar that the rate he provides them is under anything else in the area.

How much has Trump made selling 20% of our uranium to Russia? Oh, never mind....facepalm:

Just how much of that plane load of cash sent to Iran do you think was filtered back to big ears. Did he take out a 15 mil mortgage for his new seaside digs in Martha's Vineyard? No, I didn't think so....facepalm:
This claim is about as factual as the Russian collusion claim. It is a lie built out of misrepresentation, deceit, fabrication, and fantasy. Before taking the oath of office in January 2017, Donald Trump legally surrendered control of all of his business assets to family members (it is not a "blind trust" but effectively performs the same function). There has not been one instance of improper gain granted to Trump assets through influence by the Executive branch of government. NOT ONE claim has ever been proven. The constitutional clause has not been "violated."

The latest smear attempt was a claim that the US Air Force was making "out of the way" stops in Scotland where they overpaid for fuel and got to stay in overpriced Trump Resort suites and play golf for free - all paid by the government and enriching Trump. The facts - proven by the Pentagon - are that none of the claims are true. US Air Force transports have been stopping in Scotland to refuel and let crews rest for decades. The current contracts were written under Obama and provide for a specific fuel price. The overnight accommodations are handled by a UK civilian contractor (also contracted during the Obama years) who assigns crews to about a dozen hotels on a rotating basis. Each hotel receives the exact same "government rate." (notably, the Trump resort in question receives less than a fifth of it's retail rate for government employees.)

Moving Man, you are again repeating socialist/DNC lies on this forum. Are you trolling, leftist, or simply a fool?
It is hard for me to read this and not agree something is wrong with him getting money from hotels in DC and elsewhere when he is Prez,.. and I support Trump.

But this is just not right,.. he never separated from his businesses like he said he would. He never showed his taxes like he said he would.

Doesn't pass the smell test.

I thought all the Dems were nose blind. I dont know how they could detect and odor above the rotten stench that is coming out of their own party. This is laughable.
He is asking the G7 to meet at his Doral Golf resort,..

Of course he is making money when doing this,.. are ya blind?
No, I'm not blind. I do not care. I do not care because nowhere in the Constn does it require the President to take a vow of poverty and the emolument clause isn't about Trump making money because a bunch of foreigners came to America and stayed at one of his hotels.