Eternal life


Unconditional securityites say, "A believer can never be lost. If anyone is lost he was never saved. . . . Eternal life would not be eternal if it could be lost. Would salvation be salvation if it could be lost? If a single saved man is ever lost, God has failed . . . Christ is insufficient to keep them saved and God is unfaithful to them. . . . Once in grace always in grace and once a son always a son is perfectly scriptural." These statements from prominent men in religion circles in America are some of the most unwise and unscriptural ones of any that we have every read. They are the basis of a theory that violates the laws of God, nature, and logic. As a mental proposition such theory assumes an unsound position an is a disgrace to the art of human reasoning. Just because a man is once saved from sin and He11 is no sign that he cannot go back into sin and be lost again and finally go to He11. No Scripture has yet been found that says he cannot lose eternal life and no one will ever be able to produce a Scripture that says such a thing, so it will take more than statements of men to prove this claim.
I agree. It takes theological gymnastics to assert that men can’t lose their salvation. Many examples in scripture and numerous warnings
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A man saved from a certain kind of death may again become the victim of the kind of death he was once delivered from. Aman pulled out of a lake and saved from death can again fall into the same lake and be rescued again and again and then finally be drowned. A man lost in the woods and who has been found can go back into the woods and be lost and found any number of times. One might as well argue that because a man was lost in the woods and died without being found, that he was never out of the woods in the first place, as to argue that a man who is finally lost in He11 was never once saved. One might as well argue that a man was never a man if he was ever lost, as to argue that salvation is not salvation if it could be lost. One might as well argue that an eternal diamond was not eternal should it be lost as to argue that eternal life is not eternal should it ever be lost. Such reasoning is not logical from any stand point.

One may as well argue that once a child of the devil, always a child of the devil; once a sinner, always a sinner; once alive, always alive; once saved from drowning, always saved from drowning; once full of food, always full of food; or some other illogical principle, as to argue once saved always saved or once a child of God always a child of God or once in grace always in grace. Such an argument is out of harmony with all creation and every principle of life. In every phase of life there are certain conditions to meet to maintain that phase of life. Neglect eating food and the body will die; neglect a garden, a home, or anything in the natural realm and it will fall into decay and ruin.