Ethical hunter in search of new lease in Florida

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Yes it has been tough. I thought I would get more responses to my post. I guess there are not a lot of Florida clubs looking for members

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I have been contacting timber companies and some land brokers I haven't found anything yet though what area are you looking for?
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I am looking anywhere north of Tampa to the Florida state line. I have found a few clubs but just haven't had time to go and look at them yet.
Woods and Water Magazine has a fair amount of Clubs looking for members...just sayin..


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Baxley88......I live in Ocala,FL and I'm also looking for an affordable club for 2019-2020 deer season. I am an 85 year old Army Veteran and a cancer survivor and hope I still have several more years of deer hunting left in me. email address is joe.34dublin…...cell phone 352-812-7081 If I hear of any club availabilities around this area I'll let you know.....Joe Long