Eufaula Wildlife Refuge

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I cant find any recent forums on this place. Would love to bow hunt it some the rest of the year and into next year. I know it's mainly for duck hunters but thought sense it's archery only it would be pretty neat to hunt that side of the state and into Alabama. I've never taken a deer in Bama with my bow so trying to check it off the bucket list. Any advise on the place would be awesome. Thanks


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I know some folks that have hunted both in Ga on some Core Land I think it is and Eufaula as well.

They have been doing so for years I'll reach out to them and see if I can get you some info on it for ya!


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Be prepared to walk a LONG way if you hunt the Ga side. Also, most Saturdays you can't bow hunt until noon because of the scheduled duck hunts. (Who wants to hunt after dozens of gun shots?). Both side have a ton of hogs and they encoourage you to kill them all.


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There are a long of biguns down there. Family leases 2500 acres that border it on one side and have killed several b&c on it.
I like to see pics of B&C bucks