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“Rabbit Man”
Adding these pics for Kmckinnie.

For 2017 these pictures demonstrate the correct method for taking your pictures to be submitted.A picture of you and the bird with date verification along with a close up of the bird and date verification using either a newspaper,cellphone or ipad.

It also shows the way the bonus points should be done this season.A good clear pic with the end of the ruler visible where the beard starts and the beard ends on the measuring tape.The spurs are to be measured with the end of the tape measure where the spur starts.

Please make sure in your bonus pictures the date is shown as well. Proper and clear pictures can mean valuable points for your team. NO CLOTH TAPE MEASURES WILL BE ACCEPTED!


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Thanks Beagler , is that Kmack a few years ago with the long hair !
No. That is a turkey killer there.
Now I believe. That was when this challenge had the backing of the call makers and the could advertise calls in the turkey talk. He is a pro staffer for someone still.
Gut Pile knows them.